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Employee Passion Survey

Passionate employees are focused, engaged and committed to doing their best in everything they do. As a result, they deliver exceptional value to your customers, whether they are external or internal. Passion contributes more towards value creation than any other human capability.

The primary purpose of your organization is to deliver value to your customers through your products and services. The more passionate your employees are the more value you will deliver – value your competitors cannot match. The Employee Passion Survey shows you how passionate your employees really are.

The survey measures employee passion on two levels:

  1. Passion for the job: the degree to which employees are emotionally connected to their work and are committed to doing their best.
  2. Passion for the organization: the degree to which employees are emotionally connected to the purpose, values and vision of the organization and its leaders.

Survey results cover three areas:

  1. Your employee's needs: personal importance and organizational performance
  2. Levels of passion across the team or entire organization
  3. The Values that Build Trust: personal importance and organizational performance
Employee Passion Survey Brochure
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Flexibility and Trust Survey

Interpersonal flexibility is the ability to relate to people in such a way that their needs are at least as important as yours. Flexible people tend to have the ability to gain endorsement for their initiatives, projects and proposals.

The flexibility component of this two-part survey measures a range of team members' capabilities, including:

  • Adaptability to different people and situations
  • Acceptance of difference in others
  • Willingness to adapt behavior to relate well to other people

The trust component of the survey measures team members' ability to build trust. Trust is the foundation of all interpersonal relationships and in its absence other interpersonal skills are essentially meaningless.

The trust measurement encompasses the four Elements of Trust™ and the eight corresponding Values that Build Trust.

Flexibility and Trust Survey - Sample Report
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Team Alignment Survey

Trust is clearly an essential foundation for effective teamwork. It is equally important, however, for the team to be in alignment on the direction in which it is going, and on the outcomes it is aiming to achieve.

These are indeed the two essential underlying factors determining team success: trust and alignment.

It may seem like common sense that team alignment is essential for teamwork - yet there are so many teams that fail to achieve alignment. Why?

There are three key reasons why teams fail to achieve alignment:

  1. Team members do not understand what alignment really means.
  2. Teams do not focus on getting into alignment on the two most important things on which they need alignment: Purpose and Values.
  3. A lack of trust in the team prevents open, frank dialogue.

The Team Alignment Survey measures alignment in two sections:

  1. Team Alignment Report: measures the degree to which team members are in alignment on their Purpose, Values, Vision, Goals, Procedures and Roles.
  2. The Team Trust Report: measures the degree to which team members perceive the Elements of Trust™, and the values that support them, to be present in the team.
Team Alignment Survey - Sample Report
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